The real reason why potential natural cancer cures are kept secret!

Edward Griffin’s “World Without Cancer” is about an alternative cancer therapy that is called laetrile.

Well, so it appears on the surface, but if you read closely, and you begin to notice the bigger picture, you will see that it is about the orientation of the medical establishment in the first world countries. It talks about how the modern medicine is oriented toward radiation and drug therapy, and other extremely expensive procedures, that are proven not to be the best solution.


It is about how the pharmaceutical cancer industry, dominates the field, and how as a result of this unconscious domination, natural cancer treatments emerged.

This book talks about many natural treatments that will not damage your health to the extend where there is no going back. All of these treatments have something in common, and that is their natural roots. When people understand how the big cancer industry works, they soon realize that natural treatments cannot be patented. They first need to invent something in order to patent it, so that is the main reason why they are not even looking at anything that comes from the nature.

If they find something that actually works, they will take it in their state of the art labs, and they will take it apart and look at it on a molecular level. This will show them what the active ingredient is, and then they will take that active ingredient and put it in a pill, that will be patented and the medication sold for lots of money.


Edward Griffin must tell his story, and spread the truth:

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