If You See a Centipede in Your House Don’t Kill It, Here’s Why

There is nothing more annoying than having insects in your house.

Some of them are really disgusting and related to dirt, so the first thing that people do is crushing them as soon as possible.


But, it turns out that you should not do that with centipedes. These insects don’t go after food remains or bite people like cockroaches do. Centipedes hide in moist and dark places, so they like places like the bathrooms.

Did you know that centipedes eliminate all the house small creeping animals? 

Centipedes eat spiders, ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches, which are normally hard to eliminate. As you can see, they can be beneficial for your house.

Centipedes are always calm

You won’t find them in places where you usually spend most of your time. They like humid places, which don’t include the bedrooms, kitchen, and the living room. They walk around at night when the environment is quiet.

This doesn’t mean that you should allow centipedes to accumulate in large numbers 

Put them in a jar or a bottle that has holes outside your house. Then, remove them one or two at a time. Once you notice that the number of your house pests has been reduced, release the centipedes in your compound for them to survive on their own. When the centipedes are on your compound, they will eat all the bugs. This will keep the nasty bugs from getting into your house.


You can use the centipedes as substitute for the expensive and toxic pesticides that people use to get rid of the pests from their houses.

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