How to use castor oil to dissolve cataracts and get 2020 vision!

Cataract can affect people as they grow older. It is of the lens in the eye which can lead to a decrease in vision. The main symptom of this condition is blurry vision, which will reduce your life quality.

Cataract will impact your eyesight in the long run, despite developing slowly. In the beginning, this problem can be successfully treated with eye drops, but as it progresses, it will eventually require a surgery.


Besides blurry vision, cataract can cause yellowing and fading of colors, the need for brighter lighting when you are reading, sensitivity to light and glare, difficulty seeing at night and seeing halos around light.

According to different scientific studies, people that have low amounts of antioxidants in them, are more susceptible to cataract. Keeping the glutathione levels in your body at a high level, can postpone the development of this condition. Another thing that was found to be effective against other eye problems is glutathione.

Can cataract be eliminated without surgery?

Even though in most cases surgery is the main treatment for this condition, there is a way to avoid it, given that you detect the problem while it is in its early stages. As other eye problems, including cataract, are caused by glycation, they can be treated by increasing the intake of antioxidants. People that lived in the past knew this and used remedies that are packed with antioxidants like castor oil.


In order to use castor oil against cataract, you need to put a drop of it in each eye, before going to bed with the help of eyedropper. The best way to perform the treatment is in the evening, because that will give the oil the time that it needs to work on the problem. When you wake up, you may notice calcification around your eyes, and you should not be worried about that, because it is normal. Tons of people that have tried this remedy, confirmed that it actually works, but just in case it does not work for you, you should consider seeking medical attention. Castor oil is not harmful to your eyes and does not have any side effects.

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