How to get rid of cockroaches with a method that really works?

It is always an ugly sight to spot a cockroach in your own house. They are disgusting insects that can transmit bacteria and a number of diseases.

They can appear everywhere and they usually hide in places that are dark and very hard to reach. When people are facing this problem, they usually go out and by products that are expensive. These products often times give great results but for a really high price.


Borax and sugar

This mixture is quite effective in eliminating cockroaches and number of other bugs from your home. The sugar will attract them and the borax will kill them.

How does the borax work?

Borax will dehydrate the exoskeleton of the insects and will inflict damage on their digestive system. They will die immediately, as soon as they come in contact with borax. The reason why it is mixed with sugar, is to create a poison that can attract and kill almost every bug. The sweetness attracts the cockroaches and they will die afterwards.

How to make this powerful anti-bugs poison?

The making process is quite easy. Just mix borax and sugar in a 3:1 ratio. When you do this, spread this combination on the areas that are affected by cockroaches.

The next morning, you will just have to clean up the dead cockroaches on the floor. It is recommended that you repeat this method after a couple of days just to make sure that there are no bugs left.


Please make sure that you wear gloves when preparing the mixture, as well as when you spread it. Also, if you have pets or small children, avoid using this mixture because it can damage their health if they come in contact with it.

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