Photo of Breast Milk Destroying Harmful Bacteria Goes Viral

Medical student proves that breast milk is liquid magic.

An amazing photograph captured by a medical student has proven just how powerful breast milk is.

Breast milk is recommended to all new mothers as the best way to nourish their baby, and helps their immune system to fight off diseased better.

While this is the recommendation of the doctors and midwifes, the exact science as to WHY it is so effective has never been properly understood, until now.

An amazing photograph taken by first-year biosciences student Vicky Greene shows how strong breast milk really is.

Her photograph, which has since gone viral, shows a number of petri dishes, each with a number of bacteria growing within it.

Each petri dish has a while blob in the middle which the bacteria has not been able to penetrate, or indeed get near to – the white blob is breast milk.

The picture highlights just how amazing breast milk is at fighting off infections, it is so easy to see from the photo that bacteria is completely unable to get anywhere near the breast milk, almost as if there is an invisible force-field emanating from it.

Vicky excitedly shared her photo with the following information:

“So proud…here you have 9 Petri dishes containing the bacteria M. Luteus,”

“The white spots in the middle are discs soaked in two samples of breastmilk. See the clear bit around the discs- that’s where the proteins in the milk have inhibited the bacteria! I’m so excited!!! It also worked with E. coli and had a fairly good go at MRSA too….the future is bright, the future is breastmilk.”

The bond between a mother and her baby is something that even science sometimes can’t explain. Mothers have an instinctive intuition as to what is best for their baby, and Vicky’s picture prompted many mothers to share their ow stories about the wonders of breast milk.

One mother wrote:

“With my middle child, I had to get creative after she developed an eye infection upon (or shortly after?!) birth. The antibiotic drops didn’t help at all, despite being used consistently and correctly. The doctor didn’t know why the infection wasn’t clearing up, but decided to try another med. I decided not to fill the prescription, and instead used fresh breastmilk as eye drops. The eye infection was gone in about two days. Seriously crazy. But it worked,”

Another said:

“Love it. I’m with others since I stopped nursing mu (sic) daughter has been sick soo much but wen she was nursing she was pretty healthy. She was born with a hole n her heart and I believe that the beast milk was wat took care of it,’

Some mothers are put off breast feeding for a number of reasons, but this research has shown that it really IS the best protection you can give to your child.

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