Fleeing Mother And Boyfriend Are Arrested After Leaving 4-year-old Daughter To Die In Skin-melting Scalding Bath

While most people were enjoying ringing in the New Year,  a couple from Sumpter township contrived to kill their daughter.

The couple who claim to be mentally ill murdered their four-year-old daughter in a really horrible way.

The couple left their daughter Gabrielle Barrett to die in a bath full of scalding hot water.

Gabrielle Barrett

Candice Diaz and her boyfriend Brad Fields both of whom are in their twenties have since been arrested by the police.

The Michigan residents have been charged with felony murder, second-degree murder and first-degree child abuse and torture charges.

Speaking during the arraignment of the supposed mentally disturbed couple, a judge called it the ‘worst child abuse death case’ in years.

In an even more shocking twist of events, Brad Fields is the step-father of the deceased girl.

Although Candice Diaz is the mother, her ex-boyfriend Kyle Barrett is the father of late Gabrielle.

Kyle Barrett and daughter Gabrielle Barrett

Speaking shortly after the arrest of the couple, Kyle Barrett said the last time he saw his daughter was before he was jailed.

Kyle Barrett was jailed for failing to make a couple of child support payments.

In a written statement, he said,

‘At least, I got to give her a kiss and a hug and say I loved her’

The murderous couple had initially fled in the aftermath of the brutal death of Gabrielle.

After commendable work by the police, the couple was tracked and caught on a highway in Lake Park, Georgia.

Candice Diaz who is twenty-four was allegedly making pancakes in the next room while her daughter burned to death.

Police say that little Gabrielle’s seared skin was seen in the drain and her big toe fell off from the alleged abuse.

Court documents also revealed Gabrielle was found with several burns and bruises covering her body when she was found.

The four-year-old child had reportedly gone into cardiac arrest before giving up the ghost according to the Detroit Free Press.

According to Candace Diaz, she gave the child two separate baths the last of which led to her death.

A petition filed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services read,

‘The mother claimed she ran Gabrielle’s bath and placed Gabrielle into the tub after she filled the tub halfway’

‘The mother then claimed she left Gabrielle alone in the tub and went to the kitchen to make pancakes’

According to Diaz when she came back, her daughter was drowned in the tub and after pulling her out, she vomited.

She immediately called out to her boyfriend Fields who attempted to revive the child with CPR which was a failure.

Somewhat confusingly, the mother and her boyfriend both waited for forty minutes before dialing local emergency numbers.

Gabrielle died after she was transported to the nearby hospital before Washtenaw County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide.

Candace Diaz claims she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety in the past.

Her boyfriend Fields claims to suffer from social anxiety, agoraphobia, (a type of anxiety disorder), post-traumatic stress disorder and schizoaffective disorder.

Authorities also found cocaine in the house during a search.

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