Staying Awake Too Long Can Actually Be Fatal, These Are The Signs To Watch For

We all remember the all-nighters we would pull in college before finals, and waking up every two hours with a newborn, and in the moment you didn’t know how you were going to survive.

Somehow we always did, even when it didn’t feel like we could make it through.

If you suffer from insomnia or have a condition that affects the quality of your sleep it could really be affecting your health. It has been well-documented that prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to lower cognitive and motor function, as well as memory impairment. You may even get so tired that you’re giggly and silly.

But can a lack of a good night’s sleep actually kill you?

Studies have consistently shown that continued lack of sleep will lead to 100% chance of death much quicker than you may think.

In studies on mice, every single mouse that has been subjected to total sleep deprivation has died within 2-3 weeks of the experiment’s start.

For obvious reasons, experiments have not been conducted on humans, however it can be concluded that consistent sleep deprivation can definitely lead to an early demise. It won’t be the lack of sleep that causes your death, though.

So how can sleep deprivation actually kill you?

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