Largest study ever done on mammograms states they are pointless and dangerous

Mammography is the type of mammogram, thus a x-ray examination that checks you when you have no symptoms.

It can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer among women ages 40 to 70. It is recommendable every healthy woman with 40 years old to make a mammogram just to be sure that she is healthy, without no signs of breat cancer.

Still, it is less known that mammography is invasive method that can even make more damage to your organism. According to a research conducted on over 90.000 women and lasting for ¼ a century, has served to plant some serious doubts concerning mammograms.

The results were stunned: the percentage of deaths for women who had breast cancer were absolutely identical between those who had mammograms done and those who didn’t.

Additionally, it turns out that a mammogram screening can even be harmful for the patient as sometimes there can be a false result which can lead to unnecessary surgery, chemotherapy, and treatment.

Mammograms are, in fact, useless and harmful.
Also, there is another dismiss from mammography- mammograms miss up to 20% of cancers which are already present in the patient. The problem lies in the fact that cancer in its early stages can be extremely difficult to diagnose.

All these disadvantages lead to be made new and improved mammogram called 3D Tomosynthesis.

It’s supposed to be a better alternative to the original, but, in fact, it exposes the patient to even higher levels of radiation.

Preventing Cancer Through the Right Choices
The best way is the prevention as for all other medical conditions.

Here are what things you should do:
– Avoid processed foods and sugar

– Make sure your vitamin D levels are sufficient

– Go easy on any protein

– Avoid soy products in their unfermented form

– Improve your leptin receptor and insulin sensitivity

– Do regular workouts and be more active in general. Such as when doing everyday tasks.

– Maintain a healthier body weight.

– Drink about a pint to a quart of green vegetable juice on a daily basis. Organic, of course.

– Stock up on healthy, high-quality omega-3 fatty acids (animal-based), such as, say, krill oil.

– Learn to integrate curcumin into your everyday life. The active compound in the ‘miracle spice’ turmeric has a ton of health benefits, including keeping cancer at bay.

– Limit your alcohol intake.

– Try and stay away from emf (electromagnetic fields) as much as you can. Even something like an electric blanket can increase your odds towards developing cancer.

– Avoid, BPA, synthetic hormone therapy, phthalates and any other xenoestrogens.

– Be sure to check if you are iodine deficient.

Make changes in your lifestyle, eat well and healthy, walk, dance and limit the stress!
Enjoy in every day!

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