Did You Know Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Dangerous? Here’s FBI Shares Statistics!

To demonstrate criminal psychopathic tendencies, the FBI did a research where they compared data of the top criminals.

Surprisingly they found that certain signs are more inclined to certain types of crimes.

Let’s take a look at zodiac signs that more psycho-like.

12. Gemini

It is quite common for people to talk negatively about people who were born under Gemini sign, but statistics show that they are the least dangerous. No matter what you do to them they will only talk but never harm you.

11. Aquarius

People under this sing are the second most innocent. They are all about justice and have very strong egos. However, when is time for them to judge they have a soft heart and don’t want to hear others. They always put themselves in the other men shoes.

10. Leo

Apart from just being cats, Leos try their best to avoid any trouble. Statistics show that when they commit a crime, it is more likely for them to attract attention.

9. Libra

Libras are very kind and patient, but as the old saying goes, be careful from the wrath of the patient people. They usually become violent if you try to take advantage of their generous intentions.

8. Virgo

Virgos are very smart but also psycho. They want to do crimes that are in indirect contact. So, the perfect bank robberies are usually the case of Virgos.

7. Pisces

If you thought Pisces people are cute, you were probably mistaken. Some of the most prominent Pisces serial killers include Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy (Killer Clown), and Aileen Wuornos. Credit to their tendency toward addiction, Pisces people habitually commits more extraordinary murders.

6. Capricorn

Of all the zodiac signs, Capricorns are average serial killers who have murdered most people. Although they respect rules and laws, they are the worst when pissed off. They don’t often kill, but they can all the way when they start.
Although they are known for their respect for laws and rules, it seems that Capricorns shouldn’t be pissed off.
When they harm people they go all the way.

5. Aries

People born under Aries are known to be crazy but hardly amazing. They become angered abruptly though it is short-lived. That’s why Aries is fifth in this ranking. You should keep off for a while if you piss someone born under Aries. Soon, they will forget about what made them crazy.

4. Taurus

When pissed off, Taurus people can express wrath intensively. They never forget what you did to them and they will never be satisfied with equal justice.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios ranks at the third position on our list. These people don’t try small-scale individual crimes. They aim at bigger and mass crimes. They then announce themselves as the “leaders.”

2. Sagittarius

These are official psychos who rank in the second place. Most serial killers were born in November. They kill in a sadistic manner.

1. Cancer

Amazingly, the top of our list are people born under Cancer. Normally, they take blood because of envy. It appears that they cause trouble because they have frequent mood swings.

Let’s wish for the world where all the stars can live peacefully!

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