These 10 signs show that your partner no longer loves you

You think you have found your soulmate. Your interactions are great.

You hope your feelings will last forever but if you look at many couples in the world, you can see that many of them break up after a while. You may wonder why this happens.

One of the main reasons for breaking up is the loss of feelings. Yes, unfortunately, such a situation is very common. A man really can stop loving his soul mate over the years.

How can you determine if a young man loves you?

On the one hand, your relationship looks like it always has but from time to time you suffer from worrying thoughts.

You should analyze your relationship. Psychologists found out that there are 10 basic signs that a partner does not love you anymore.

If you notice these signs in your relationship, do not suffer and change something:

#1. He does not demonstrate his feelings and love. He does not give you flowers or say pleasant thing. He does not go out with you in the evenings. Or even worse, he starts demonstrating his feelings to someone else. We really fall in love with 3 people during our lifetime

#2. He does not listen to you and is always thinking about something else.

#3. He is not interested in you and your life. He has no common topics to discuss with you.

#4. Your partner tries to blame you in every situation and in every problem you have.

#5. You do not feel his support. He always finds excuses for why he can not support you.

#6. He spends too much time not at home. He prefers spending time with his friends instead of you.

#7. He makes plans for the future and you are not part of them.

#8. Your partner remembers only the bad moments in your relationship. He has absolutely forgotten the pleasant days you have spent together.

#9. He does not explain the reasons for his behavior. Even, if you ask him to.

#10. He hurts you all the time. He is cheating, lying and is not sincere with you.

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