Shivering Dog Dumped In A Parking Lot In The Pouring Rain Is Too Heartbroken To Move

Valinda Cortez was recently given the chance to step up to the plate and become a hero.

While some of us will allow these opportunities to pass us by completely, she knew what she had to do. She caught a glimpse of a dog that had been abandoned in a North Carolina parking lot. As if this were not sad enough, the poor animal had been dumped during a rain storm.

While Valinda was clad in just flip flops and pajamas when she found the dog, she did not hesitate to come to the rescue. It would take some time for her to build up the dog’s trust. Would she be able to assist this animal before it was too late? Or would this end up becoming one of the sad stories about abandoned animals that we’ve all come to recognize?

Fortunately for this dog, this woman was the type of person who would stop at nothing to help an innocent creature who found themselves in need. Since these animals lack the resources to properly help themselves, they are forced to rely on the assistance of kind humans who happen to be in the area at the time.

Valinda could see that the dog had been abandoned for a fairly long time already. If she did not step in, the dog was not going to be long for this world. The animal’s hair was matted down from the moisture. From the looks of it, her eyes had also become infected. Valinda would need to act as quickly as possible if she was going to save the animal’s life.

She had a blanket in the back seat of her car. After draping this blanket over the cold and wet dog, she contacted her friend Sue. She works as an animal volunteer and Valinda knew that she would be able to help. The dog was given the name Cassie and taken to a local animal shelter for further assistance. If not for the help of these kind women, who knows what would have happened to Cassie?

Cassie has been adopted into a new home and is currently loving life. While she was able to find a forever home, other abandoned dogs are not always so lucky. This story needs to be shared with a wider audience, so that more dogs like Cassie can avoid a similar predicament. There is no good reason to abandon an animal, especially in a world where there are no shortage of shelters and rescues to choose from.

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