5 reasons why most cheating husbands do not leave their wives

Isn’t it a strange thing that cheating husbands are brave enough to get back home after cheating on their wife and kiss her with their cheating mouth?

If they found a better-looking woman that their wife, why they don’t just leave?

Well, that’s an interesting question. Women whose husbands cheated on them claim that husbands prone to infidelity don’t leave because they want it all. However, there’s much more to it.

In this article, we’ll mention five reasons why a majority of cheating hubbies never leave. So, let’s commence:


1. A Little Vacation


Many cheating husbands don’t cheat so they could turn their back to the family. The only reason they cheat is that they want a “little vacation” from wife and kids. Such husbands don’t perceive that infidelity as something big, to them that’s just a vacation.

2. Painful Divorce

A cheating husband want the best of the double life he lives. On one side, he has comfort and love of his family life while on the other hand he has all the pleasure from his lover.

He just couldn’t get used to a divorce which would make him short of comfort and love.

3. Love for the Wife


This would probably sound silly to you, but a cheating husband won’t leave his wife because he still has feelings for her. That’s because it’s possible for cheating men to hurt their wives emotionally while still loving them.

4. He Can be What He is

He has known you forever, and no one else in the world knows him better than you. And then there are the kids, they are his soul. All that makes him comfortable and allows him to be himself.

Why would he have to lose the comfort of family life?

5. The Kids

Time Out

Many cheating hubbies don’t want to leave because they want their kids to have a traditional family life. Such men live in a reality in where all of their actions can be justified. They defend themselves by saying that you should be lucky they don’t do what their pals do or that it’s natural for a man to have as many intimate partners as he can.

C’mon, you think those are good justifications for infidelity?

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