What Was Kim Kardashian Eating To Lose 40 Pounds After Her Pregnancy?

The fact that Kim Kardashian managed to lose 40 pounds from the 54 pounds she picked during her pregnancy with St. West, just 3 months after, is clear evidence that her diet is really effective.

Well,  we’re all asking the same question? What diet she was on to lose so much weight? Her nutritionist, Colette Hejmovic reveals what Kim did to lose weight.

1. Kim practiced Atkinson diet

Kim Kardashian follows the same plan that followed after pregnancy with North West and does not hide it. She repeatedly explained that social media loves this weight loss program.

2. The most consumed protein

No matter whether it comes to eggs, fish or chicken, Kim must have protein at every meal that she eats.

It seems logical, because most research reveals that those who consume enough protein according to the recommended daily dose, are reducing their weight.

3. Many dairy products

Kim is a fan of cheese, mozzarella … in fact all kinds of dairy products. Omelet with cheese and bacon from turkey meat, chicken and mozzarella soup with melted cheese … These are just a few of the favorite meals of Kim.

What Kim Kardashian Was Eating To Lose 40 Pounds After Her Pregnancy?
What Kim Kardashian Was Eating To Lose 40 Pounds After Her Pregnancy?

4. Kim do not keep an eye on calories

Kim did not care whether a product has a low calorie value because according to her, you will be constantly hungry. It is important to eat more protein to feel full all through the whole day and to combine them with a lot of vegetables.

5. In fact, Kim consumes 1,800 calories a day

That’s the bottom line for a woman who breastfeed (ranges between 1,800 and 2,000 calories per day). Daily, she eat 170g protein, 10 servings of vegetables and two tablespoons of oil.

6. Is there a list of prohibited products

Kim does not eat sugar, sweet, cakes, crackers, flour, white rice … Practically everything that has high amounts of carbohydrates.

7. Kim is losing around 2 pounds a week

She does not want to lose a lot of weight in a very short period, but stick to the recommendations of the doctors.

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