Here’s what the shape of your nose tells about your personality!

It may sound strange, but the type of nose you have, can tell a great deal about your character.

Today, we are going to show you eight different nose shapes that according to a research published by Professor Abraham Tamir in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, carry different types of personalities.

The Nubian shape

This shape is distinguished by the length and a straight bridge with a nose tip that is directed downwards. People with this type of nose are generally more curious and optimistic, and they try to accommodate other people.

The Greek shape

This name comes from Greek sculptures, because all of their ancient statues have this type of nose. It has narrow length with a straight shape. People that have this type of nose, don’t enjoy being in the center of attention and are very reserved. They are also practical, loyal and have a hard time talking about their feelings.

The hook shape

A lot of people compare this type of nose with the beak of a bird. It is slightly bent from the base to the tip. People with this kind of nose are generally very creative, and they will always defend the things that they believe in. They will also risk in order to gain something.

The arched shape

This type is very similar to the hooked shape type. It is characterized with a concave shape. The people that have this nose shape are very determined and they are very good at organizing.

The button shape

This nose looks dainty and it is very short. This is the most common of all nose shapes. People who possess this nose are spontaneous in their decision making, and they have a bad habit of annoying other people. They can also be very stubborn and determined.

The straight shaped nose

This is a type of nose that can be found in Asia. It is different from the other shapes because it is flatter, with rounded tip and wider nostrils. People with this types of noses have strong characters and are very temperamental and passionate. They can get angry very easily if you challenge their beliefs.

Concave shaped noses

This shape is distinctive because it has an arch on the bone. People who possess this type of nose are very generous and sensible, which can often times put them in a situation where they are hurt by others.

Crooked nose

It is an ugly name but the people who possess this type of nose have very loving character. The tip is rounded and the bridge stands out. These people are also very good listeners, which makes them great friends and partners. They are also very humble.

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