Holes in your favorite sweater? Forget the needle and thread – just check out this ingenious solution

The experience is one we’ve all encountered: you’re pulling on one of your favorite, coziest tshirt – when suddenly you realize there’s a hole right in the middle of it.

You know you can grab a needle and thread and try to fix it – but you also know the end result will likely be unspectacular – and the sadness hits you – it might be time to say goodbye to one of your favorite clothes items…

Or is it?

Not if you know this genius trick – that doesn’t even require a sewing machine.

The process takes no more than 10 minutes. You do need to find the right tools at your local fabric store – but once you have everything in place, you will never be able to tell there ever was a hole in your sweater in the first place.

You need:
A shirt with a hole (works best if the hole is under 5 millimeters in size)
An iron and ironing board
Small piece of fusible bonding web
Lightweight fusible interfacing
Parchment paper
Spray bottle with water
White cloth

1. Turn the sweater inside out and put it on your iron board. Using your fingers bring the corners of the hole as close as possible to each other in such as to reduce the size of the hole.

Source: YouTube

2. Before beginning, cover your iron board with parchment paper. This will help protect your board from anything sticking to it. 

Source: YouTube

3. Grab a small piece of fusible bonding web (you can find this in fabric stores). Cover the hole with it, and then place a slightly larger piece of lightweight fusible interfacing on top (you can also find this at fabric stores.)

Source: YouTube

4. Set your iron to the wool setting. Lay a press cloth on top of your shirt without shifting the patches underneath. Dampen the area with water using a spray bottle, and then gently set your hot iron directly on top – again being careful not to shift the patches. Let sit for about 10 seconds.

Source: YouTube

5. Remove the cloth and flip your shirt over to the right side. If you notice that the loose threads have not been glued together, repeat the steps above, using your fingers to squeeze the threads together.  

Source: YouTube

6. It may take a few shots the first time you try this, but soon enough, your hole will disappear!

Take a look at the video below for full instructions – including a second option for making holes disappear.

I’m so glad I came across this clever tip – it’s so much more effective than a standard needle and thread.

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