How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week ( 2 Ways )

There are two weight loss tips that almost never fail to make you 10 pounds slimmer in a week. I highly recommend you try them if you are looking to lose weight that fast.

As a bonus they are also very healthy and will significantly boost your health too.

Two fast ways to lose 10 pounds

1 Drink up to 2 liters of water a day

Drinking this much water will help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week even if you do nothing else to get thin. Even if you don’t make any other changes to your diet at all or exercise.

This is because water boosts your metabolism, cleanses your body, cuts calories and curbs appetite. Scientists have estimated that even a measly 1% drop in your level of hydration and can significantly lower your metabolic rate because all the metabolic activities that go on in your body require water to run smoothly. Water is like the “engine oil” of your cells. Without it cellular activities grind to a halt.

Doctors have also estimated that drinking just 1 glass of water just before a meal cuts 65-75 calories from your diet…up to 205 calories in just one day or 74,000 calories or 21 pounds a year if you are faithful to it.

Water also acts as an effective appetite suppressant because  your brain often cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst.

When you drink water because you are thirsty, your brain also interprets it to mean that you have eaten and suppresses appetite also.

Water is also an effective detoxifier. It cleanses your body of toxins that cause inflammation and the accumulation of fat.

Water also lowers the salt content of your blood enabling your kidneys to excrete excess water from your body and lower your water weight.

To test the efficacy of water as a weight loss tool, the renown personal development blogger Steven Aitchison recently carried out an experiment where he drank up to 2 liters of water every day.

He lost 8 pounds the first week without making any other changes to his diet and as much as 12 pounds thereafter.

Water is an effective weight loss tool…one of the most effective.

It should be part of any effective weight loss plan.

It is a weight loss tip that anyone can use to create significant results.

It is simple and easy to do but highly effective.

2 Eat the Nutritarian diet

The nutritarian diet: a plant based diet that emphasizes eating green vegetables as a large part of our meals every day has been shown to cause weight loss of up to 20 pounds in 7 days consistently.

It is the choice diet of top American Lifestyle and family doctor…Dr Fuhrman.

It is the same diet that he uses in his medical practice to reverse obesity and other chronic illnesses.

The diet draws it’s power from encouraging practitioners to eat high nutrient-low calorie-high fiber foods almost exclusively only allowing a smattering of lean animal protein once or twice a week-making up no more that 10% of the diet.

It encourages practitioners to take 5 key nutritional steps daily to create fast weight loss and a sharp boost in health.

Steps that ensure getting a healthy dose of micronutrients every day

The 5 steps of the nutritarian diet plan’

The nutritarian diet states that you should …

1 Eat at least one large vegetable salad every day

2 Eat at least a double serving of steamed greens every day

3 Eat at least four pieces of fruit every day

4 Eat a handful of raw nuts and seeds every day

5 Eat at least ½ a cup of beans every day

Following the above 5 steps of the diet ensures that you eat a lot of high micronutrient foods every day and crowds out unhealthy high calorie foods…virtually guaranteeing rapid weight loss and a significant boost in health.

It allows you to eat lean animal protein but only sparingly…at most once or twice a week in very small amounts. For example at most 4 0z of lean meat a week.

Greens and beans form the cornerstone of the diet.

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