What Do You Know About Your Fat Burning Hormones

Is weight an issue for you?  One way to help your body eliminate weight is to work with the weight managing hormones. Some of the weight managing hormones are:

  1. Leptin

    Leptin helps increase the sensation of satiety. Leptin is released from white fat cells. When this hormone is low, we eat more; so we need to keep it up. However, too much Leptin (secreted from all those fat cells) causes Leptin resistance. It is also involved in insulin secretion, brain function, improved immune system, thyroid, adrenal and reproductive function.The other hormones that help with the same function are Cholesystokinin(CCK), Glucagon-like peptide (GLP), Peptide YY and Melancortin.

  2. Grehlin

    Grehlin helps increase the appetite.

    Grehlin is released in the stomach, small intestine, pancreas and brain. In addition to stimulating hunger, it also performs the following:

    • Regulates the growth hormone, gastric motility
    • Assists in energy balance
    • Reduces fat utilization
    • Stimulates Lactotroph and Corticotroph function
    • Manages the pituitary gonadal function (reproductive system)
    • Inhibits pro-inflammatory messengers
    • Facilitates acid secretion, pancreatic hormone secretion and glucose metabolism
  3. Adiponectin

    Regulates glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown. Adiponectin is a protein hormone released from the fat cells. Functions of Adiponectin include:

    • Helping regulate glucose
    • Improving insulin sensitivity in the liver
    • It is inversely correlated with levels of leptin & insulin
    • It is interactive with steroid hormones
  4. Cortisol

    Regulates blood glucose levels by inhibiting insulin production to prevent glucose from being stored. Cortisol regulates changes that occur in the body in response to stress. It helps regulate blood glucose levels, metabolism, immune response, sex drive, menstruation, blood pressure, osteoporosis, muscle strength, and mood/anxiety.

  5. Insulin

    Helps move sugar from the blood into your cells.

These hormones obviously have a huge impact on the body. So we need to make sure that the body can regulate them. These can be done via three methods:

  1. Food restriction
  2. Exercise
  3. Weight loss

While these hormones are involved in weight management, they can be off-balance for many of us. Don’t be carried away with programs and magic pills, claiming to improve the functionality of these hormones as they don’t work well.

Besides weight management, these hormones are also involved in a wide number of other functions.

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