Yoga Poses to Release the Holiday Stress

The Holiday Season at the end of each year is a wonderful time to count one’s blessings and to connect more deeply with family, co-workers and friends.

But its also a time that challenges many of us to truly be able to enjoy the moments of the season. Messaging on TV, radio and the internet constantly tells us we should have a well-decorated and tidy home, acquire and distribute gifts to the multitudes, and cheerfully attend social event after social event, Christmas, rain, snow, traffic, and crowded shops conspire against you. Everyone seems to be on edge!It’s easy to feel exhausted just thinking about it all, even before it’s begun. And while it may be a time of re-connecting to what matters, it is often challenging, and for many of us it is sadly the low point of the year.

So, what can you do to have a more enjoyable holiday season?

We give you 10 restorative yoga poses that will help you relax and truly enjoy all the season has to offer.

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing

     Coming to a comfortable seated position, rest left hand on lap. Begin by covering left nostril with middle finger of right hand. Take a slow, deep inhale, then release finger and cover right nostril with right thumb as you exhale through the left. Continue for three to five minutes.

2. Mountain Pose

Ground down through the four corners of your feet. Grow taller with your breath, as you feel the chest rising and falling with the breath. Keep the palms facing forward to open yourself up to receiving positive energy and calmness.


3. Standing Forward Fold

This is an instantly calming pose known to relieve stress and fatigue while energizing the body as the blood flows to the head. Hold this pose with a gentle bend in the knees and shoulders free of tension.

4. Seated Forward Fold

 Use cushions to allow you to remain comfortable for several minutes. Relax your muscles, release any stress, resting your head onto the cushions and simply coming to your breath.

5. Warrior II

Possibly the most empowering, “Be true to yourself” yoga poses ever! Stand tall, stand strong, and settle into your pose. Try closing your eyes. Feel the muscles in the body working to hold you steady as you connect to the absolute power that resides within.

6. Eagle Pose

 This is an empowering and energizing pose that works the whole body, sending blood flowing throughout the body, which is great for increasing your libido for sexy times with your partner at the end of a stressful day!


7. Child’s Pose

 An amazing pose that you can come to at anytime for instant calm! Feel your troubles melt away as you rest your forehead on the mat, cushion, or block and just breathe.

8. Reclined Hero

A pose to release any stored tension in the hips. Make the pose more restorative and heart-opening by bringing a bolster between your shoulder blades, increasing flexibility in the spine and reducing fatigue and stress—absolute bliss!

Modification: If there is pain in the knees, keep one leg straight and change halfway.

9. Legs-Up-the-Wall

 An all time favorite! You can’t fail but feel lighter after holding this pose for several minutes.

10. Savasana

 Savasana is the relaxation pose. It truly encourages the body to come to a still position and just breathe, bringing us naturally to a more peaceful state.

We hope we helped you to have a peaceful  holiday season with an energized body, calm mind, and full heart!



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